Swarovski Drop Earrings

well it’s been a busy week at the shop and uploading new stock onto De Beers Designs Website. One new arrival that was very eye catching were some Swarovski Drop Earrings, called midnight colour range. They were so striking it got me thinking about what is it about Diamonds,sparkle and bling that get us girls so excited. How can we achieve that expensive million dollar look without having a bank balance to match.

The answer is of course Swarovski Crystals

The History of woman wearing eye-catching jewellery goes back to ancient times when pieces were worn for personal adornment. Influences have come from Asia, jewellery representing status. The word Jewellery itself derived from the word jewel from the french word ‘jouel’ or latin ‘jocale’ meaning plaything!! 1837 Tiffany & Co put the United States on the map in terms of jewellery, Pierre Cartier and later Chanel for the french, Carl Faberge for the Russian Court. In Great Britain it was Liberty as well as in the 60’S Butler and Wilson but a few to mention. These pieces were worn by Princess Grace of Monaco, as well as many celebs and as recent as a Tiara For the Duchess of Cambridge.

Fast forward to the end of the 19th century when Austrian Daniel Swarovski started to cut crystals automatically. They soon became famous in the realm of haute couture, Hollywood celebs and oscar night fashion talk.

Today Swarovski Crystals are as popular as ever with new contempary designs on the high street often based upon Tiffany influences as well as the latest trend of Art Deco and Vintage.But more importantly they are accessible and affordable luxury for us all to possess.

Swarovski Crystals are the very answer to look sophisticated and glamorous to accessorize any outfit. So if you want to become a ‘jocale’ a plaything! without the expense of real diamonds but with the same look try some equally impressive Swarovski Drop Earrings totally guilt free!!!





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