What your colour choices say about your personality.Something about the colour Grey!!

GREY is one of my choices when purchasing clothing and accessories especially in the winter months, I just love the simplicity of the tones of grey, silver, gunshot metal, pewter, charcoal there are so many variations. Often less is more and grey looks sophisticated and classy.

I noticed whilst at trade shows earlier this year grey has been a big trend for the summer as well as continuing into this autumn/winter season. Grey has definitely been the new black in terms of clothing and accessory choices for my customers.

GREY is rarely a perfect mix of black and white, it often has elements of other colours such as blue, green, mauve or yellow within which will lift and energise it.

If you choose grey because it is one of your favourite colours it will reflect your personality type. Grey represents formal, maturity and elegance. As a person you are detached, neutral and impartial in other words you sit on the fence. You don’t see things as black and white and are willing to compromise.

Choosing grey means you are trying to protect yourself from the chaotic outside world, you prefer safe, secure and a balanced existence. You are independent and composed but are a hard worker who likes to get the job done. Being centre of attention is not something you are comfortable with, you make balanced judgements and wish for a contented life.



So if these sentiments resonate with you GREY is definitely your colour, so when shopping remember grey has a steadying effect on other colours and will tone brighter colours. So if you dare to come out of your comfort zone why not try combing grey with orange, mustard or red! debeerdesign.com




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